Together We Can. It’s so simple, so fundamental, and so true. “Together We Can!”

We see it in our Lions Clubs every day. Your neighbors working with neighbors. Uniting to build
up our communities. My fellow Lions and I hope to be the helping hand. We hope to change lives. We act

In the ‘Brainerd Lakes’ area, every village has a Lions Club. In my club, we support High School
sports teams, Wounded Warriors, Red Cross Blood Drives, Music in the Park (on Saturday evenings), A
large Fishing Contest (early June) and the best Peaches from Northern Colorado.

We raise funds to help our communities. To our area Seniors we say: Visit your local club. It’s a
chance to socialize. “Ah, heck…” as Mark Twain would say, “He charged nothing for his preaching, and it
was worth it, too.” And the Senior Expo on April 29 will feature Don Shelby ‘preaching’ as Mark Twain.
Being a Lion gives young people and adults a chance to participate and to help others. A chance
to see LCIF sending humanitarian aid to Turkey. The sum total of this message: Being a Lion and/or
Lioness is your chance to give back, to help with vision problems, hearing issues, Diabetes, and even
with Kidsight vision screening.

Visit a Lions Club. You are always welcome. Come meet your neighbors.

About the Author: Marty Duncan is an author and journalist, President of the Crosslake Ideal
Lions Club; member of Lions since 1976.