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April is the time of year when the Crosslake Ideal Loins club conducts our roadside clean up effort. However, due to COVID-19 we will not be able to do this as a group. With this in mind, we are still encouraging anyone willing to take a walk from April 24<sup>th</sup> – 26<sup>th</sup>, carry a trash bag (and some hand sanitizer) and pick up trash along the routes we normally do. You can leave the bags on the side of the road and Jerry will pick them up (or better yet take them home yourself and throw them away).

Following are the roadways we usually clean up:

  • County Road 3 from Build-All lumber to town
  • 103 from County Road 3 to West Shore Dr
  • 36 from County Road 3 starting near Reeds to County Road 3 at the other end
  • 37 to Bonnie Lakes Farm Road
  • 66 from town to Manhattan Beach

If you have any questions please contact Jerry at j.erp@hotmail.com